Aarfie is an independent design & hosting house, providing complete and ready-to-use web space solutions that are powerful, flexible and easy to maintain.

Aarfie focuses on serving bloggers, artists, crafters, musicians and small businesses because we are all of these things. We are passionate about developing successful web spaces for people just like us; people that are relaxed, positive and excited about their next project.

How Does Aarfie Work?


1. Get Started

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2. Proceed

Proceed with the ideal solution,
or start a Custom Project.

3. Handover

We contact you via e-mail to deliver your solution.

4. Take Control

You take control of your new web space, add your content and enjoy!

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Everything At yourname.com

Aarfie makes everything work at yourname.com. Your web site, your email and any other service that allows integration. Got a Big Cartel store? We can serve it up at shop.yourname.com. Got Tumblr? We can serve it up at blog.yourname.com. You don’t need to work anything out, we do it for you!

Hosting Made Easy

The age of the hard-sell host, with inflated and technical feature lists, is over. Aarfie provides the highest grade hosting for your web space and adapts it to suit your needs. No more getting lost in convoluted hosting controls. Aarfie manages your hosting for you, yielding optimum security, performance and functionality for your web space.

Content Control

We give you lasting control of your content, without the need for technical knowledge of web design or programming. We feel this is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. Giving you the power to independently update and grow your web space is the greatest step we can take in making it a success and a joy for you to maintain.


Do you have products or services to sell? Aarfie has years of experience working with the best e-commerce tools for our customers. We seamlessly integrate these tools with your web space and make secure on-line selling a breeze.

Google Powered Email

Aarfie hosted web spaces include up to 9 Google powered email addresses in the format anyname@yourname.com. Use your computer or mobile device to send and receive emails or log on to your familiar Gmail style web-based controls at mail.yourname.com.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is integrated with every Aarfie hosted web space giving you the best tool for logging your site traffic details. At any time you can look up the amount of visitors to your site per day, the geographical location of those visitors, referring sites and much more.

Search Engine Optimisation

Aarfie removes the need for SEO Services. Our superior platform and optimised, clean and valid code ensure that search engines efficiently index your site. We further enhance your SEO with auto-generated sitemaps, robot.txt and page meta. We even send notice to the major search engines when you update your site. Not sure what this means? That’s OK, the point of our SEO is that you can forget about it and focus purely on the most important element of your web space – your content.

Clean, High-Quality Design

We keep our site designs simple, avoiding flashy and overpowering interface elements. This cuts down development time, keeping your costs low, and results in a more elegant and easy to navigate site. We believe the focus should be on your content, not our design. We develop, validate and test using the latest coding methods to ensure robust and consistent performance and compatibility.

Personal Support

Aarfie web spaces have help built right into the administration area. We additionally maintain an ever-growing support site with detailed answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer, or need help quickly, your personal support is the Aarfie team member you came to know through your design / installation process. That contact is one you keep and email directly for prompt and friendly help with your web space.

Data Back-Up

We back up the content and databases of Aarfie hosted sites daily to help protect you from the pains of lost or corrupt data. We keep daily archives for the last month. Archives are isolated from the internet and secured against unauthorized access.


With an Aarfie hosted web space you have access to our maintenance system, a reduced rate provision of our services, to edit and fine tune your site whenever you need it. So if you come up with any ideas to help you administer your site or improve your visitor’s experience, we can make it happen for minimal cost.

Flexibility and Freedom

If your growing web space develops specialised or extreme needs, we customise it to suit. If you wish to move your web site elsewhere; we’re here to help. We bill on a monthly basis, which means opting out is as easy as canceling your payment subscription. Your site runs on universal open source platforms, allowing it to be smoothly transferred to a new home at any time.

Not sure what you need? Check out Aarfie Support or tell us about your project and we'll help you get started.