Custom Project Process

  • 1. Submit Your Details

    The custom project process begins when you choose an item from the Custom Project section and proceed with completing the “Get A Quote” form. This does not commit you to anything, but simply starts our conversation about your requirements. We will review your information and reply with a few extra questions if necessary.

  • 2. Quotation

    If we believe Aarfie is the best option for your project, we email you a quote including an estimated time frame for completing your project. Otherwise we will halt the process at this stage, and recommend a more suitable alternative if one is available.

  • 3. Project Kick Off

    If you wish to work with Aarfie, we start a casual email conversation to improve our understanding of your needs and preferences. We maintain this back and forth as required throughout the rest of the process.

  • 4. Non-Refundable Deposit (for projects with design included)

    Once we have a solid understanding of your project we invoice a non-refundable $100 deposit. The deposit must be paid before any further work proceeds. This helps us confirm that you are committed to moving your project forward and secures your project’s place in our work schedule.

  • 5. First Draft (for projects with design included)

    Based upon our conversation, we draft a front-page design for your new web space. We send you a screen shot and we work together to fine tune the design. If our initial design is too far off the mark, we re-start the first draft stage with a new front-page design. The first draft stage may include up to 3 re-starts, after which Aarfie may re-quote the project or either Aarfie or you may choose to cancel the Custom Project process at no further cost. Note that the first draft stage focuses solely on the front-page of your web space.

  • 6. Initial Invoice and Development

    Once you approve the first draft (or provide your existing design files), we invoice 50% of the quoted value for your project less any initial deposit value. Once we have received your payment, we proceed with designing and coding to create a complete web space, per your project requirements, at a temporary location on Aarfie’s server.

  • 7. Final Review

    When the web space is completed and tested, it is ready for your final review. We then carry out the final tuning of your new web site, based upon your feedback.

  • 8. Final Invoice

    With your new web space ready to go live, we invoice the remaining 50% of the quoted value for your project. Once we have received your payment, we transfer your web space to its final location on the web.

  • 9. Handover

    We wrap up the project with a handover email including an introduction to your new site as well as support and maintenance details.

  • 10. Take Control

    You take control of your site, add your content and enjoy the ease of maintaining an Aarfie-made web space. Whenever you have a question that can’t be answered by your support resources, simply email the member of the Aarfie team you developed your project with for prompt and personal assistance.

Not sure what you need? Check out Aarfie Support or tell us about your project and we'll help you get started.