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Example variations achieved with in-built controls
$3.50 per month

The Web Page has a service fee of $3.50 per month x 12:

$42.00 per year

There are no additional set up fees or hidden costs.

The Web Page service fee corresponds with a real ongoing cost of hosting and managing your domain and e-mail.

Aarfie's services are unique in that we provide management to truly minimise the work and learning required to maintain your web space.


Once you complete the sign up process, an Aarfie representative will contact you directly to arrange the set up of your domain. Please allow up to two business days for Aarfie to process your order before contacting you.

If you have a question about this product you can browse the articles at Aarfie Support or submit your question here.

Web Page $3.50 per month

A Web Page package gives you a fully hosted and working single web page and e-mail accounts with your own domain name, set up by Aarfie and handed over to you live and ready to use. It is the easiest way to get started with your own web space.

Goodbye Old-Fashioned Hosting

No more complicated server configuration, software installation or convoluted domain controls. Aarfie maintains and optimises your domain and hosting in the background, so you can forget about it and focus on your content.

Your page is up and running when we hand it over, so all you need to do is type in your content and set the options (text, colour, background, etc.) to personalise your layout.

Open Preview In A New Window

Editable Web Page

Your single web page can be easily edited from any computer; anywhere and any time. Use your single page for a placeholder or coming-soon message for your domain or as your permanent home page that provides brief information and links to your other web apps / profiles.

Don’t need a page? Leave it de-activated and continue to use your other Web Page services like e-mail and custom domains for your web apps (see below).

Registration Included

An Aarfie Web Page can work with a domain you have already registered, or if you don’t have a domain, we register your new .com domain name for you at no additional cost and maintain the registration for as long as you keep your plan active.

Everything At Your Domain

A Web Page includes Aarfie domain management; Aarfie manages setup and maintenance of your domain, for as long as your plan is active, so it always does exactly what you need.

We’ll change your Tumblr blog or Big Cartel shop URL to

For example, personalise your shop URL to

If you have other web apps to incorporate, we’ll similarly manage your domain records to incorporate them if they are compatible. We do the technical stuff for you, and work with you personally if any changes are required in your web app settings.

Google-Powered E-mail and Apps

Includes up to 9 e-mail accounts with 7.5GB storage per account.

An Aarfie Web Page includes Google-powered e-mail at your domain address. Access your e-mail from anywhere via web-mail, desktop or mobile device.

We manage your e-mail accounts for you. So if you need a new e-mail address, let Aarfie know and we make it happen.

Google Apps, like Google Documents and Google Calendars allow you to create documents, files and scheduling at your domain and share them with your e-mail account users or the public.


Turn on Google Analytics and keep track of visitors to your page per day, the geographical location of those visitors, referring sites and much more.

With an Aarfie Web Page you have full access to personal Aarfie Support and Maintenance Services.

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Not sure what you need? Check out Aarfie Support or tell us about your project and we'll help you get started.