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Your Web Shop's in-built controls
Starting at $9.99 per mo. plus 2.9% + $0.30 per txn.

The Web Shop has a service fee starting at:

$9.99+ per month

There are no additional set up fees or hidden costs.

The Web Shop service fee corresponds with a real ongoing cost of hosting and managing your shop, products and orders.

Once you start receiving orders, the payment gateway will charge a small fee for managing the transfer of money securely from your customer to your account. You have the option of adjusting the pricing of your products/services to account for this transaction fee.

You've already got your own Web Shop: Check out our Big Cartel Themes and Services in the Aarfie Theme Shop.

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Web Shop $9.99+ per month

Aarfie’s Web Shop product has moved to its own site.

Please visit Aarcade →

A Web Shop package gives you a fully hosted and independent online store tied to the world’s most trusted secure online payment processing.

Goodbye Old-Fashioned Hosting

No more complicated server configuration, software installation or convoluted store controls. With a Web Shop, your hosting and software is maintained and optimised in the background, so you can forget about it and focus on your products and services.

Open Theme Preview In A New Window

E-Commerce Made Easy

Got a new product? Click the Add Product button, set your title, price and description, upload some images and click Save.

Your new product is now available for purchase online!

With unmatched ease of use, your shop admin area allows you to edit your products from any computer; anywhere and any time. Add options, set shipping costs and keep tabs on inventory. Have items automatically marked sold out when they’re gone.

Use discount coupon codes or label products “on sale” to entice new customers.

Selling downloadable content? Optional tools allow you to sell electronic files online, with fully-automated file delivery upon payment.

Your Shop, Your Way

Take complete control over the branding and styling of your shop and present your products and services the way you want; strengthening and growing your business identity.

Having an independent shop space allows you to command your visitors’ focus without losing them to other sellers on shared communities, like eBay or Etsy. Your shop is not restricted by community regulations and strict product category guidelines.

You define what you sell and the direction of your business.

With one fixed low monthly fee and minimal transaction fees, your sales can grow without your shop costs taking a bite out of your success.

SEO is fully-automated, so you can rest easy.

This allows you to focus on your products, services and connecting directly with your customer via in-built contact tools and optional social network integration.

Turn on Google Analytics to keep track of your shop’s traffic, the geographical location of visitors, referring sites and much more.

The Best Online Payment System

Your customers will feel at ease checking out with PayPal, the world’s most trusted online payment gateway. There’s no membership or sign-up to hinder the process – just an easy to use, efficient and secure checkout experience.

Customer payment details are handled completely by PayPal under the highest level of protection.

This separates you from your customers’ payment details, relieving you of additional security and data storage responsibility. Your customers are also relieved of any concern over exposing their payment details to a small business they have just discovered.

When the checkout process is complete, both you and your customer are sent order confirmation receipts including the order details and a unique transaction ID to be used as a reference number to the order.

Accounting Made Easy

Your PayPal account collects your payment balance and gives you absolute control over it. You can move your balance to your bank account at any time, use your balance to purchase products or services online or even get a debit card to access your balance from anywhere.

You can easily use your PayPal account as your primary business expense account.

Log in to your PayPal account at any time to view, search, or print out your incoming and outgoing payment history. Doing the taxes? Download your history in a spreadsheet friendly format to make accounting a breeze.

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